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Garage sale season is upon us and I think those holding garage sales need a few reminders. As a customer, I am very tired of being misled over and over. I come from a long line of professional garage sale go-ers. My mom, grandmother, and great-aunts are true professionals. I have learned from the best.


  1. If you are advertising a “multi-family” sale there better be more than 2 families treasures at your sale.  “Multi” to me means multiple. Several. Just because your neighbor walked over with a fishing rod he’d like to sell does NOT mean you can advertise “multi-family.”
  2. If you write “boy toys” on your sign there better be a table of boy toys not just one Tonka truck. I am going to look at your one truck and turn my butt around and head back to my car. I’m not even going to take one more look at your offerings. The “s” in toys lead me to believe you had more.
  3. You CAN NOT advertise “fabulous” when it’s not. Just no.
  4. You probably have sentimental value to your items or think they are in amazing condition, but I’m going to let you in on a secret…they’re used. Yep. Used. And you may think it’s worth 50% of the original price but it’s not.
  5. Kids clothes. Ahhhhhhhh!!!! I am not buying a t-shirt that has been washed 100x for $2. I can go to Target or Kohls and buy a brand new one for $6. One where the neck is not stretched out and the hem is beginning to fray.
  6. Antiques are not items given to you by your grandmother or something that looks “old.”
  7. Boxes that I need to search through are also a NO. I don’t want to dig around through your stuff to find something I must have, I can do that every morning at my house looking through the laundry to find the only socks my son will wear to school.
  8. HUGE SALE. Okay, this better be inside your garage, outside your garage, and MULTIPLE tables filled over and under. I better be able to spot your house as I’m pulling down the street.
  9. Underwear. Should I even have to say it?
  10. Allowing your children to price their own toys. This is also a NO. I think it’s great that they are trying to earn some money, but do they even know the purchase price?  An airplane with a broken wing is not worth $5, and let’s be real, should it even be in a garage sale?


I hope you have learned a few things and had a few laughs! Now go out there with your fanny pack of quarters and find some treasures.





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